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Take Away | Restaurant

House Special StartersTake AwayRestaurant
Kaju Chicken
Chicken breast strips stir fried with cashew nut, capsicums and other spices and herbs tossed with sweet chilli sauce.
Malai Tikka
Chicken pieces marinated with yoghurt, cheese, spices and herbs,cooked in clay oven.
Shamee Kebab
Minced meat marinated in spice and herbs then griddled with omelette.
Shikampuri Kebab
Minced lamb patties mixed with special blend of Lucknow (North Indian) spices and griddled on tawa.
Bhopali Fish
Cod fish marinated with green seasonings, coated with special batter and deep fried in vegetable oil.
Salmon Tikka
Chunks of salmon fillet marinated overnight in yoghurt, spices and herbs, then cooked in clay oven.
Poneer Tikka
Indian cottage cheese marinated overnight with yoghurt, various spices and herbs then cooked in clay oven.
Mushroom Chicken Tikka
Mushroom stuffed with cheese, chicken and very mild spices then battered with spicy gram flour sauce deep fried in vegetable oil
Pepper Mushroom
Crispy coated mushrooms stir fried with mix pepper and various spices and herbs.
Spicy Vegetable Cutlet
This fairly hot starter made with seasonal vegetables, spices and herbs then deep fried to cook.
Chicken Pakora
Chicken breast cubes marinated with spices and herbs then battered in spicy gram flour sauce then deep fried in vegetable oil.
Garlic Mushrooms
Closed cup mushrooms marinated with spice and garlic paste covered in breadcrumb then deep fried in vegetable oil.
Traditional StartersTake AwayRestaurant
King Prawn Butterfly5.505.95
Prawn on Puri4.504.95
Lamb Chat Puri4.505.50
Lamb Tikka4.254.50
Sheek Kebab4.254.50
Meat Samosa3.253.50
Chicken Samosa3.253.50
Toran Mixed Combo
Chicken Tikka, Lamb Tikka, Sheek Kebab, Onion Bhaji and Poneer Pakora
King Prawn on Puri5.505.95
Chicken Chat Puri4.504.95
Chicken Tikka4.254.25
Tandoori Chicken4.504.50
Onion Bhaji4.503.75
Vegetable Samosa3.253.50
Chutney Pots2.002.50
From the TandoorTake AwayRestaurant
Tandoori Mixed Platter
A pletter of Tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, lamb tikka, Tandoori king prawn and sheek kebab
Tandoori King Prawn
King prawn mildly marinated in yoghurt with various Tandoori spices and then cooked in the Tandoori oven
Salmon Shaslick
Fresh salmon grilled with onions, tomatoes and capsicums.
Malai Tikka
Chicken pieces marinated with yoghurt, cheese, spices and herbs,cooked in clay oven.
Shaslick (chicken or lamb)
Tender pieces of chicken or lamb marinated with special Tandoori paste cooked with onions, tomatoes and capsicums.
Paneer Shashlick
Chunks of Indian Cottage Cheese marinated with special Tandoori Massala cooked in a clay oven along with onions, tomatoes and capsicums.
Chicken or Lamb Tikka
Slices of tender lamb or chicken marinated in yoghurt with various Tandoori spices.
Tandoori Chicken
On bone chicken marinated in yoghurt with various Tandoori spices.
Seafood House SpecialsTake AwayRestaurant
Toran Blue
This is a Toran unique seafood dish. The pride of Bay of Bengal's Tiger Prawns cooked in special medium spiced sauce made from chef's own recipe.
Fish Kofta
Home made Fish Cakes made from Seabass cooked in fairly hot sauce. Red onions, ginger, cumin seeds, garlic, green chillies and capsicums use to make the sauce. A popular dish in different parts of India.
Fish Moilee
Traditional Bangladeshi Pangush Fish filet cooked in a fairly hot and sour sauce made from coconut milk, lime juice and several spices and herbs of Chef's collection.
Jhinga Kerala
Bangladeshi Tiger King Prawns cooked in South Indian sauce made with red chillies, fresh coconut and tamarind paste with several other spices and herbs.
Jhinga Garlic
Pieces of Tiger King Prawns cooked in tangy creamy sauce with garlic flavour seasoned with parsley and thyme. This is a fusion dish of East and West. Chef recommended.
Jhinga Nimbu
Pride of Bengal's Tiger King Prawns cooked in a sweet, sour and hot sauce made from chef's own recipe, garnished with lime leaf and coriander leaf
Goan Machli
Fried fillet of Sea Bass in spicy goan sauce with a touch of garam massala.
Machli Jhol
This traditional Bangladeshi dish made with Telapia Fish. Chef madehis own recipe from fresh ginger, garlic, green chillies, onion , curry leaves, mustard seeds and spring onions. Very delicious and melt in the mouth. A must try dish.
Bengali King Prawn
Whole King prawn cooked in Tandoori oven and then simmered in a rich spicy sauce giving it a wonderful barbecued flavour. This dish can be tailored to your desired level of heat from medium to hot.
Ambot Tik
This West-Indian dish prepared from Tiger Prawns cooked in sweet, sour and hot sauce with fresh garlic, onions and capsicums.
Fish Amritshori
Stir-fried fillet of salmon cooked with cashew nuts in ginger, tomato and tamarind sauce.
Toran House SpecialsTake AwayRestaurant
Chicken Tawa
Chicken breast slices stir fried with mixed pepper, onion, mustard seeds, green chillies, garlic, ginger, and tomatoes. A touch of soya sauce use to give it an oriental flavour.
Nowabi Chicken
This dish was famous during the Mughols Empire. Chicken breast fillet fried in ghee then cooked with special paste madefrom almond, sultana, coconut, cashew nut and garam masala. Sugar and cream is used to make it mild.
Goan Lamb
This portugesse dish was famous when they ruled India. Tender chunks of lamb cooked in a thick Goan sauce with Chef’s own spices and herbs. This is recommended for lovers of hot dishes.
Lamb Kolapuri
Tender pieces of lamb cooked with poppy seeds, star seeds, curry leaf, red chillies, ginger, garlic and coconut milk.
Rajasthani Lamb
Chunks of lamb cooked in a special sauce made with yogurt, red chillies, onions, garlic, ginger, cumin seeds and garam massala garnished with fried red chillies. This hot dish is pride of Rajasthan.
Cheesy Chicken Massala
Chunks of chicken cooked with Mozzarella cheese and various spices & herbs. Roasted garlic flakes make it flavourful. Garnished with grated Indian cottage cheese (paneer).
Bombay Chicken
This famous traditional dish cooked in Bhuna sauce, served withpotatoes and boiled egg.
Badami Murgh
Chicken breast cubes and cashew nuts fried with ghee and then cooked in a medium spiced thick sauce made from yogurt, cream, cashew nut, almond, coconut, various spices and herbs.
Naga Lamb
This flavoured meat dish is very popular in West Bengal. Pieces of lamb cooked in a special massala sauce with a hint of well known Naga Pickle. It is really a hot dish similar to vindaloo. A dish to try by the hot lovers. But we can reduce the hot upon request.
Achari Gosht
One of the very famous traditional Bangladeshi dish. Chunks of lamb cooked in a spicy massala sauce with a touch of mixed pickle from Bangladesh to give it's unique taste.
Shorshe Chicken or Meat
A classic dish from Bengal, a choice of meat or chicken cooked in a fragrant massala sauce made with ground mustard and traditional Indian spices.
Chicken Green Massala
Tandoori chicken off the bone cooked with fresh spinach and green sauce made from chef's own recipe with a hint of mint.
Murgh Noorjahani
Pieces of Chicken breast cooked with almond, sultana, onions, garlic, ginger, green chillies, cinnamon, cardamon, bay leaf, fenugreek leaf and garnished with boiled egg. This was a famous dish of Nowabs' in India.
Tuttu Jardaaloo (chicken or lamb)
A famous Persian sweet and sour preparation with apricot and garnished with crispy juliennes of potato
Garlic Chilli Chicken
Tender pieces of Chicken cooked with green chillies, roasted garlic flakes, several spices and herbs. This is a fairly hot dish has its unique flavour and taste.
Mysore Chilli Koli
Tender cubes of chicken cooked in opinions, tomato, fresh coconut paste and a generous helping of split green chillies.
Murgh Bemissal
Succulent chicken tikka cooked in hot sweet and sour sauce made from date juice, tamarind and red chillies, with a hint of flavoured spices.
Chicken or Lamb Joypuri
Tender chicken or lamb cooked with sweet and sour sauce with fresh mango and a touch of cream
The Old FavouritesTake AwayRestaurant
Chicken 7.507.95
King Prawn10.9511.95
Curry: A light mixture of spices are used to create this medium sauce to suit all palettes.
Kurma: A most popular mild dish cooked with a mild sauce made from almonds, coconut and cream. Suitable for beginners.
Bhuna: A traditional dish cooked with sliced onions and mixed spices and garnished with fresh tomatoes.
Rogan Josh: A medium hot dish prepared with pimento and garlic, then topped with lots of fresh tomatoes.
Dansak: A sweet, sour and medium hot dish cooked in lentil sauce.
Madras: One of the most popular dishes od South India, fairly hot with a sour taste, prepared with garlic, chilli, lemon and tomatoes.
Vindaloo: Another South Indian dish, widely known for it's fabulous firey taste. Red chilli powder is the key element to make this dish very hot.
Traditional DishesTake AwayRestaurant
Chicken or Lamb Pasanda
Chunks of chicken or lamb tikka cooked in a mild creamy sauce made from set yoghurt, almond and pistachio nut and flavoured with Kawra water.
Karai Chicken or Lamb
It is a most popular Punjab dish cooked with chunks of chicken or lamb garnished with onions, garlic, mixed pepper, tomatoes, traditional spices and decorated with a sprinkle of spring onions.
Tandoori King Prawn Karai
As above but cooked with Tandoori King Prawns
Jhalfrezi (chicken or lamb)
Succulent pieces of spring chicken or lamb cooked with mixed peppers, chopped onions and fresh green chillies with traditional spices and herbs.
King Prawn Jhalfrezi
King prawns cooked with mixed peppers, chopped onions and fresh green chillies with traditional spices and herbs.
Chicken or Lamb Balti
Tender chicken or lamb pieces cooked in special Balti sauce with
speice and herbs.
Chicken or Lamb Saagwalla
Chicken or lamb marinated and cooked in clay oven, then cooked again in pan with fresh spinach and various herbs and spices.
Chicken or Lamb Tikka Massala
The most famous dish marinated with special spices and herbs then added to an exotic home made massala sauce.
Tandoori King Prawn Massala
Tiger King Prawns marinated with spices and herbs fairly cooked in clay oven then re-cooked in home made massala sauce.
Biryani DishesTake AwayRestaurant
An aromatic rice dish where long grains of Basmati rice are stir-fried with the various accompaniments using light mixed spice including garam massala and Indian seasonings. Served with mixed vegetable curry, made with:
Chicken or Lamb8.959.95
Chicken or Lamb Tikka9.9510.95
King Prawn13.9514.95
House Special12.9513.95
Khasmiri Murgh Pilau
Tandoori chicken off the bone stir fried with flavoured rice, pineapples, cashew nuts, sultanas and fenugreek leaves tossed with ghee and served with mild sauce
Healthier ChoiceTake AwayRestaurant
Paneer Butter Massala
This famous North Indian dish cooked in a rich creamy sauce madewith Indian cottage cheese. Fresh onion, garlic, ginger, red chilli, cumin seeds, tomatoes, garam masala, butter, ghee, sugar and single cream is used to make this delicious dish. Must try dish recommended by chef.
Palak Paneer
Indian Cottage cheese cooked with Spinach, different spices andherbs then garnished with baby spinach leaves. A must try dish
recommended by our chef.
Shobji Shomvar
This traditional vegetable dish cooked with at least six seasonal vegetables in a spicy sauce. The heat can be reduced upon request.
Vegetable Kofta Balti
Home made vegetable balls cooked in a rich and spicy Balti Sauce.
Paneer Jhalfrezi
Indian cottage cheese with mixed peppers, chopped onions and fresh green chillies with traditional spices and herbs.
Dall Makhni
Red kidney beans, lentils and chana dall traditionally cooked in tangy massala sauce with dollops of cream and garnished with tomatoes. This is a signature dish of Punjab.
Vegetable Naga
This famous Bangladeshi vegetarian dish is cooked with a selection of seasonal vegetables with spices and herbs and a touch of well known West Bengal Naga pickles, this dish is hot compare to Vindaloo
Begun Ki Shaad
This is a fairly hot vegetarian dish recommended by our Chef. Brinjel (Aubergine), slow cooked in vegetable oil then put in a rich and spicy massala sauce with split green chillies to add heat.
Dall Massala
Whole lentils with spinach and potatoes cooked in sweet, sour and hot sauce with spices and herbs.
Aloo Choli
Diced potatoes and whole chickpeas delicately spiced and cooked with tangy tamarind sauce.
Side DishesTake AwayRestaurant
Sag Paneer4.254.50
Peas Paneer
Gobi Paneer4.254.50
Sag Aloo
Aloo Gobi4.254.50
Bombay Aloo4.254.50
Mixed Veg Curry4.254.50
Mixed Veg Bhaji4.254.50
Mushroom Bhaji4.254.50
Chilli Mushrooms4.254.50
Cauliflower Bhaji4.254.50
Chilli Broccoli4.254.50
Aubergine Bhaji4.254.50
Bindi Bhaji4.254.50
Chana Massala4.254.50
Tarka Dall4.254.50
Dall Samba4.254.50
Sag Bhaji4.254.50
Onion Bhaji3.503.75
Rice & BreadsTake AwayRestaurant
Plain Rice 2.502.75
Pilau Rice2.752.95
Egg Rice3.253.50
Fried Rice3.253.50
Lemon Rice 3.253.50
Coconut Rice3.253.50
Mushroom Rice3.253.50
Zeera Rice 3.253.50
Special Rice
Keema Rice4.254.50
House Special Rice 4.504.95
Plain Nan2.502.75
Peshwari Nan 3.253.50
Garlic Nan3.253.50
Cheese Nan3.253.50
Keema Nan 3.253.50
Poratha 2.752.95
Traditional English MealsTake AwayRestaurant
Chicken & Chips9.509.95
Chicken & Salad9.509.95
Chicken omelette & Chips9.509.95
Fish & Chips8.508.95
Plain omelette & Chips7.507.95
Mushroom omelette & Chips8.508.95